Hot Spots & Flip Flops

by April Morganegg


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Flying with children has never been easy. But now, when lengthy delays and unexpected diversions, seem to be the rule, rather than the exception, it can be very difficult for traveling parents, GRANDPARENTS.. and kids to keep their cool…As the Grandmother of Kennedy, the “2 year old wild child”, we have developed some essential survival strategies to keep everyone sane !!  Try, if at all possible, to have your travel agent book a non stop flight & catching the earliest available flight, means you probably won’t suffer the domino effect of delays that may occur later in the day. Arriving at the airport early will give you & the kids plenty of time to use the bathroom & get through security, allowing you to board early.

Airplanes can feel like flying iceboxes, so it is important to dress with layers. Cash – strapped airlines have cut back on amenities such as pillows and blankets, so bring everything you might need- think of it as an airborne camping trip. Snacks and drinks are available for purchase on some flights, but bring cash: some airlines don’t take plastic.. and believe it or not.. some don’t take cash!!

A portable DVD player is a Godsend….just make sure you pack headsets ..some of them have duel jacks so 2 kids can share the movie.. if not pick up a splitter at your local Radio Shack. Surprise kids with a new movie or cartoon for the trip. Pack a variety of toys & games.. but leave the stickers & permanent markers at Home…Older children will appreciate a new game for their game boys.. or in today’s world the iPod is a must for kids & adults.. Portable treats such as string cheese, crackers, and fruit bars are healthy snacks, and lollipops are handy for children to suck on during the descent to help reduce ear pain as the cabin pressure changes.

  Since 2006, TSA has restricted the carriage of liquids and gels on board. Such toiletries must be packed in containers that hold 3 ounces or less (drugstores sell empty bottles) and fit inside a clear one quart zip lock bag. Don’t forget the baby wipes, diapers and plastic bags for disposal. If your children require medication, never pack it in your checked luggage. If you have a baby or toddler, you’re allowed to take formula, milk, ,juice & baby food through security. For the latest info go to and browse the “Traveling with Children” page.

As a safety measure, bring car seats for your children. Although airlines still allow children under 2 to travel in your lap, the Federal Aviation  Administration says the safest way for kids who weigh less than 40 pounds to travel is in a car seat. Booster seats, travel vests, and belly belts are not FAA-approved.

When it comes to air travel these days.. you never know what obstacles you may encounter.. A Good Rule of thumb?

Ken & April Morganegg
Oswego Travel

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